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In the view of Taiwan, for external environment, human over-exploitation, serious air pollution, groundwater polluted by acid rain, shortage of water resources, over-used pesticides , chemical fertilizers and other factors resulting to the change of agricultural land. In addition to the weather changes like frequency of typhoon attacks and rain attacks, those leading to the production technologies do not catch up the changes of external factors, resulting in the growth of bad crops, the income of farmers then gradually decreased. Last but not least, for internal environment, after Taiwan’s entrance of WTO, the farmers in Taiwan cannot afford the big attack from free-trade. Because of the internal and external factors, so the company was established to overcome the problems above.

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Jin Jhan Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, located at Chiayi County in Hsinkang Yeung Village, cover about 4,000 square meters, co-operating with five strategic alliance manufacturers. The main production sales include all types of gardening (flowers, fruits, and insects), Wimbledon room, sprinkler irrigation system equipment, the roof of the shade house and so on, professional undertaking various of regional schools, authorities, public and private farms, agricultural and marketing classes, co-operation farms and so on. From planning, design, installation to construction, all services are provided by skilled professional and technical team. Apart from the above, ‘after-sale service’ is provided. In addition to product maintenance, introduction of product-related experts, quality management and marketing, and other technical consults, or providing updated news of agriculture are all included.


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