Products:SI-Alu Screen

Products:SI-Alu Screen


Statement:Functions: Shading, energy-saving, heat-preservation, illumination control
Features: Aluminum strip + polyester trip closed screen 

SI-Alu Screen is made of special aluminum strips, polyester strips and high strength polyester yarn, heaving outstanding effect on radiation reflection and transmission . During the day, Si-Alu screen reflects sunlight to keep the greenhouse cool and avoid overheating of plants. During the night it helps to retain heat, maintaining a steady temperature and saving energy. The steadier temperature minimizes formation of dew on the crops, reducing the risk of fungal diseases. The unique knitted structure reduces condensation and allows them to be bundled to a small size for maximum available light.

Model Shading Rate  Energy-saving Rate Unit
SI-Alu 55 55% 58%
SI-Alu 65 67% 65%
SI-Alu 75 75% 70%


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